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Date Location/Description Leader(s) Type
08-Mar-17 Field meeting: Midweek Mammals on Crowden Moors. SMG SMG
11-Mar-17 Workshop: Adult Caddisfly Identification (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Stuart Crofts SIG
20-Mar-17 Meeting of Sorby Council. - -
25-Mar-17 Field meeting: Lichen Recording at Dirtlow Rake. Steve Price LIC
26-Mar-17 Field meeting: 44th Colin Marsden Mountain Hare Walk. Derek Whiteley SMG
29-Mar-17 Workshop: Recording Aquatic Invertebrates (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Stuart Crofts SIG
06-Apr-17 Indoor meeting: Plant Night. Chris Doar BOT
08-Apr-17 Field meeting: Hardwick Hall Estate (NT). Steve Price LIC
15-Apr-17 Field meeting: Bat walk round Elsecar. SMG with DVLIP SMG
22-Apr-17 Field meeting: Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan MOSS
22-Apr-17 Field meeting: Spring at Sprotbrough. Jean Glasscock, Caroline Hobart & Bob Croxton BOT/FUN/ORN
02-May-17 Workshop: Butterfly Recording (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). SIG with DVLP SIG
07-May-17 Field meeting: Insects on Allotments. SIG SIG
16-May-17 Workshop: Spider Identification (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Paul Lee with DVLP SIG
20-May-17 Workshop: Identifying Aquatic Soldierflies and Snail-killing Flies. SIG SIG
21-May-17 Workshop: Shield Bug Identification (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Jim Flanagan with DVLP SIG
22-May-17 Field meeting: Bioblitz at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. SIG members SIG
25-May-17 Meeting of Sorby Council. - -
03-June-17 Field meeting: Water Vole Walk. Val Clinging SMG
13-June-17 Workshop: Identifying Grasses (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Jean Glasscock & Roger Butterfield BOT
01-July-17 Field meeting: Wombwell Woods (with Conchological Society). Robert Cameron, SIG with DVLP SIG
02-July-17 Field meeting: New Park Springs. SIG with DVLP SIG
05-July-17 Field meeting: Phoenix Park. SIG with DVLP SIG
12-July-17 Field meeting: Worsbrough Reservoir. SIG with DVLP SIG
14-July-17 Field meeting: Bonsall Mines. Jean Glasscock & Bob Clinging BOT/SIG/GEN
18-July-17 Field meeting: Warren House Park. Matthew Guest SIG
22-July-17 Field meeting: Stanage Edge North End. Steve Price LIC
25-July-17 Field meeting: Hoe Grange Quarry. Steve Price SIG
27-July-17 Indoor meeting: What is a museum for? Weston Park Museum. Alistair McLean MCG
17-Aug-17 Field meeting: Roystone Rocks and Minninglow. Steve Price LIC
19-Aug-17 Field meeting: Dunford Bridge (with Yorkshire Naturalists' Union>). Roger Butterfield BOT/GEN
29-Aug-17 Field meeting: Hartshead Quarry. Steve Price SIG
30-Aug-17 Field meeting: Late Summer Fungi. Chris Kelly FUN
07-Sep-17 Field meeting: Moss Valley Invertebrates. SIG with MVWG SIG
07-Sep-17 Meeting of Sorby Council. - -
10-Sep-17 Field meeting: Cat Hill, Darfield. SIG with DVLP SIG
16-Sep-17 Field meeting: Ox Stones, Ringinglow. Steve Price LIC
??-Sep-17 Indoor meeting: Tour of Natural History Gallery, Weston Park Museum. Alistair McLean MCG
03-Oct-17 Indoor meeting: Historic Taxidermy Collections at Sheffield Museum. Alistair McLean MCG
07-Oct-17 UK Fungus Day Event at Woodland Discovery Centre Ecclesall Woods. Ziggy Senkans & Chris Kelly FUN
08-Oct-17 Workshop: Slug Identification (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Robert Cameron SIG
11-Oct-17 Workshop: Helianthemum-associated Fungi. Deepdale NR. Rob Foster FUN
13-Oct-17 Field meeting: Big Moor. Val Clinging SMG
14-Oct-17 Workshop: Lichens for Absolute Beginners. Steve Price LIC
15-Oct-17 Field meeting: Live Mammal Trapping, Gillfield Wood (with FOGW). Val Clinging SMG
18-Oct-17 Field meeting: Whitwell Moor and Millstones Wood. Chris Kelly FUN
19-Oct-17 Meeting of Sorby Council. - -
22-Oct-17 Field meeting: General Cemetery (with FOGC). Ziggy Senkans FUN
28-Oct-17 Field meeting: Abbeydale Cemetery. Jim Horsfall FUN
01-Nov-176 Field meeting: Meersbrook Park. Ziggy Senkans FUN
02-Nov-16 Annual General Meeting. - GEN
4/5-Nov-17 Workshop: Earthtongues. Organised by Longshaw Fungi RC. Rob Foster FUN
07-Nov-17 Identifying Winter invertebrates on Sheffield's Allotments. Woodland Discovery Centre Ecclesall Woods. SIG SIG
11-Nov-17 Field meeting: Fungi and Veteran Trees and Cannon Hall Country Park. Chris Kelly & Roger Butterfield FUN/BOT
12-Nov-17 Field meeting: Harvest Mice Search at Worsbrough. SMG with DVLP SMG
16-Nov-17 Indoor meeting: Fungi Night. - FUN
18-Nov-17 Field meeting: Longshaw. Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan MOSS
25-Nov-17 Workshop: Mosses. Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Woods. Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan MOSS
20-Dec-17 Workshop: Identifying Ladybirds and Soldier Beetles. SIG with DVLP SIG
07-Dec-17 Meeting of Sorby Council. - -
29-Dec-17 Field meeting: Christmas Pudding Walk. June Robinson GEN
??-Dec-17 Doncaster Museums Collections Blitz. TBC MCG
2018 The Society celebrates its centenary this year. - -
13-Jan-18 Firth Park Winter Wander and Planning Meeting. - FUN
25-Jan-18 Meeting of Sorby Council. - -
24-Feb-18 Indoor meeting: South Yorkshire Natural History Day. - GEN
22-Mar-18 Meeting of Sorby Council. - -
??-March-18 Field meeting: 45th Colin Marsden Mountain Hare Walk. TBC SMG